SHA CAD Standards

Maryland SHA has recompiled its CAD Standards workspace for use with all versions of MicroStation-V8i. However, we understand that hardware and software considerations compel many consultants to use the newer versions, and so provide this workspace as a courtesy.  That said, please note the following:

Developer Donation Plat Guidelines

The Office of Highway Development’s Plats and Surveys Division (PSD), has developed guidelines to assist the Developer’s Consultant in preparing Donation Plats that are at times required for an access permit. These Plats may be either a Full Size Donation Plat or a Scanned Image Donation Plat, which is prepared using a recorded subdivision plat. All materials provided should guide you through the preparation of either plat. You will find specific drafting guidelines for both Micro Station and AutoCADD included in the packets. Follow this link PSD Cell Library (09/12/2016) to download either a Micro Station Cell Library or an AutoCADD Block Library to assist with the plat preparation. Should you have additional questions prior to submittal please contact either of the following:

Gregory F. Cooke
Transportation Engineer Manager II
Donation Plat Coordinator
Plats and Surveys Division
211 East Madison Street, Mail Stop M-101
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Jeff Bonnerwith
Assistant Division Chief
Plats Section
Plats and Surveys Division
211 East Madison Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

    Please note that first submittals must be sent directly to Access Management reviewer.
    Subsequent review submittals may be made directly to PSD.