Office of Traffic and Safety (Part 7)

Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program Team

This team provides support to all internal and external customers on matters of safety regulations, industry practice, and federal grants.
Develop and assist in the implementation of program strategies based on crash data. Develop and coordinate efforts of the Maryland enforcement agencies involved in the Commercial Vehicle Safety Plan and the Size and Weight Safety Plan.

Truck Weigh and Inspection Team

The Truck Weigh and Inspection Team manages the truck weight and inspection stations through planning development, construction, and maintenance programs. They manage programs improving truck operational safety and traffic.

Technical / Accounting Team

This team provides technical support to Hauling Permits Team, Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Programs, Truck Weigh and Inspection Team and customer service to external customers for various programs in the Motor Carrier Division. Responsible for Automated Hauling Permits System. Oversees daily operations of accounting and technical issues with the Hauling Permit unit. Our accountant handles daily transactions, payments, invoicing, and bonds for all Hauling permit customers.

Hauling Permit Team

The Hauling Permits Team processes oversize and/or overweight permits for various types of vehicles and/or loads traveling through Maryland. This team also provides customer service information to the carriers and the public. They check for errors in routing and make necessary corrections. The permit is then processed and then forwarded back to customer via fax, mail or pickup.
This team also issues permits for excessive size and weight from (110,001 lbs., 16’W, 16’H and these permits require direct contact with various State agencies (District Engineer, Bridge department, MD State Police, Toll Facilities, etc.) and approval takes from five to ten business days.