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Municipal Maps

The State Highway Municipal Map series shows the location of inventoried roadways and the administrative inventory route numbers assigned to those roads by the State Highway Administration (SHA) within and around Maryland's municipalities at scales of 1:6,000, 1:12,000 and 1:100,000 (Baltimore City). The Municipal Maps consist of only those recognized as such by the State of Maryland , in addition to maps for the jurisdictions of, Drummond, Friendship Heights and Oakmont. (Neither Baltimore County nor Howard County contain any municipalities)

To find a Municipal Map you can either search by municipal name or street address* in the "Municipal/Address Search" search window or use the map to zoom to your selected Municipality. Upon locating your desired municipality, please click on that location on the map. This will then open a window, identifying the municipality you've selected. Click the hyperlink Printable Map to open the map in your browser for either viewing, printing or download.

* Please note, that you must enter a complete street address, including number (i.e. 707 Calvert St) in the Municipal/Address Search window.

The Municipal Maps are updated annually and available as PDF files. To view, print or download PDF files, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Full sized printed copies of Municipal Maps vary in actual size.

Please Note: The Municipal Maps range in file size from approximately 200KB to 2MB.

To purchase a hard copy of a Municipal Map, click here.