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Contractor's Inquiry Responses

Contract No.MO1435129

Inq. 11Post Date:   5/29/2012Inquiry Date:   5/29/2012
 Q. Draw 3 Det G saw cut key joint " 3/8" x 3/8" and spec page 28 sec 3 para b concrete placement last sentence say ¼" x ½" deep groove at construction joints with sealant, please clarify which is correct?
 A. See Addendum No. 3
Inq. 10Post Date:   5/29/2012Inquiry Date:   5/29/2012
 Q. Page 26 Para 9 overhead door b. specified model overhead door #615 is no longer available from listed manufacturer, please advise?
 A. See Addendum No. 3
Inq. 9Post Date:   5/23/2012Inquiry Date:   5/23/2012
 Q. Page 27 Site, concrete and paving. Item 3 calls for 3 test cylinders to be made from each truck. This amount of cylinders seems excessive and is driving up cost for inspections.
 A. The number of test cylinders are needed to verify the strength/quality.
Inq. 8Post Date:   5/23/2012Inquiry Date:   5/23/2012
 Q. Addendum #1 Revised description for Page 27. This calls for the contractor to perform 2 soil borings prior to construction. This item cannot take place until contract award. When after contract award takes place and test borings are performed. The data may show need to design some type of footing not shown on drawing at this time. This will necessitate a design change and possibly incur more cost and schedule time. Please clarify and advise.
 A. Design changes will be addressed by a change order.
Inq. 7Post Date:   5/22/2012Inquiry Date:   5/18/2012
 Q. Two points for the engineer to consider: " - There are two pages from ACI.1R-35. Read 8.1 and you will see that ACI does not recommend checkerboard placements. Reading you will see that they recommend large block placements if the sawcuts are made in a timely manner. " The industry has found that keyways have cracked under loads such as forklifts in the area shown. I could find articles in Concrete Construction Magazine if needed.
 A. We have reviewed the ACI article and the note about the concrete keys. For bidding purposes, please ask your concrete subcontractor to comply with the Technical Specifications and Drawings of the Invitation for Bids.
Inq. 6Post Date:   5/22/2012Inquiry Date:   5/18/2012
 Q. In the specs. For ridge vents it calls for the color to be same as the trim. The ridge vents only come in the color White or galvalume finish. To match the trim they would have to be field painted, from my experience when you field paint over galvalume it is not going to last too long.
 A. See Addendum 2.
Inq. 5Post Date:   5/22/2012Inquiry Date:   5/18/2012
 Q. Notice to contractor letter mentions 5/24/12 Thursday bid due date. What time is bid due?
 A. See page 40, Proposal Form
Inq. 4Post Date:   5/22/2012Inquiry Date:   5/18/2012
 Q. Building specifications: Specifications have been written around Nucor Building Systems. Can other building manufacturers be utilized?
 A. See page 23, Project Description.
Inq. 3Post Date:   5/22/2012Inquiry Date:   5/18/2012
 Q. We can find no specific schedule in drawings. Pre-engineered bldg. would be approximately 8-12 weeks for delivery after shop drawing approval. What is anticipated duration of schedule and anticipated start and end dates?
 A. See Addendum No. 1
Inq. 2Post Date:   5/7/2012Inquiry Date:   5/7/2012
 Q. Can you tell me the square foot size of this building to be built.
 A. 5,800 S.F.
Inq. 1Post Date:   5/7/2012Inquiry Date:   5/4/2012
 Q. Can you tell me if the project "Construction of a Pre Engineered Storage Building Gaithersburg Facility" will be precast concrete building?
 A. The pre-engineered storage building will not be precast concrete building.
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