My 511 Gives You Customized Trip Options for That Morning Commute This Fall

(September 17, 2015) – With fall quickly approaching, school underway and the holidays around the corner, it is back to the daily grind for hundreds of thousands of motorists. Drivers may have already noticed increased traffic with vacations over and more commuters and students all hitting the road at the same time. Now more than ever it is time to enroll in My 511, Maryland’s go to system for real-time customized traffic reports tailored to your daily trips.

My 511 helps parents, students, delivery truck drivers and more route their day and stay up to date with the latest traffic alerts along Maryland highways.  Beat the traffic and get to your destination faster with My 511. Don’t settle for unexpected delays in your commutes, wasted time and gas when you can be ahead of the game with 511. 

“The end of summer is here and with more motorists on roads throughout the State, we want drivers to know before they go. My 511 is an amazing tool that helps alert drivers of travel times, incidents and delays. It’s like having a personal traffic reporter for your commute before stepping behind the wheel,” said State Highway Administrator Gregory Johnson.

Personalize traffic information and travel times with My 511, a feature of the web site, where you can create a personal profile and set up designated “trips,” (i.e. from home to work or from home to gym). Thereafter, you’ll receive emails or text messages with customized traffic updates. You can also designate specific traffic camera views of most interest to you when you log onto 511 – short cutting to those most important to your commute. In your profile you may choose to include commonly used phone numbers, so when you call 511 you are recognized and offered tailored information to bypass the general menu prompts.

The 511 system is available every day, anytime. Traffic data from a variety of traffic information sources including the Coordinated Highway Action Response Team (CHART) is released to the public, real-time, through the automated telephone line, website, and social networking outlet Twitter.

Know before you go with Maryland 511.

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