Office of Administration (Part 2)

Developmental Programs

This division provides quality learning opportunities, including the Learning Management System and training classes that fulfill the Professional Development Plan. The division also manages a variety of Statewide leadership development programs.

Contact: Division Chief, 410-545-0332

Operations and Facilities Services Division (OFSD)

This division provides day-to-day maintenance and operational services to the State Highway Administration’s headquarters. It comprises three key divisions: Support Services, Contracts & Procurement and Security & Maintenance. The following are daily state-wide services provided by OFSD: Mail distribution, office supply services, and duplicating services. Headquarters services, only: Telecommunications, housekeeping & recycling, security, space utilization & renovations, building grounds & maintenance, pool vehicles, training rooms scheduling, set-up and equipment reservations, special parking and mail courier services.

Contact: Manager, 410-545-8022

Medical Services Division

The Medical Services Division provides specialized case management assistance to both managers and employees in cases involving medical illnesses, injuries, psychological conditions, alcohol/substance abuse, and workplace violence. The assistance is case-specific and addresses a range of issues, including individual employee health/safety, fitness for duty, USDOT medical qualifications, temporary modified duty, leave management, Title 1 of the Americans with Disabilities Act, interaction with the Departmental Medical Advisor (COMAR Title 11 Subtitle 2 Chapter 6), and disability retirement.

Contact: C. Edwin Becraft, Jr., M.D., Chief of Medical Services 410-545-5556