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Reforestation Law 5-103 Summary - Reforestation Site Requirements

Reforestation Site Requirements

The following options are prioritized:

1c. 1st option-reforestation to occur on construction site or in the project right-of-way being used for the construction.

2nd option-reforestation to occur on any public land within the county and watershed which the construction occurred.

3rd option-reforestation to occur in the county or watershed in the State in which the construction activity is located.

4th option-if all opportunities for reforestation have been exhausted to the satisfaction of the Department of Natural Resources, payment for forested area cleared can be-paid into the Reforestation Law fund (see section 2c for the clearing fee).

The following criterion apply to all planting sites, per options 1 through 3, above:

*Open unforested planting sites must be at least one half acre in size.

*Sites which adjoin other forest and must be at least one-quarter acre in size.

*Free standing strip plantings must be a minimum of 5o, wide.

*Site must not be in forested condition before planting.

*Site must have relatively normal soil profile and be essentially free of obstructions from previous uses. * Site must remain in forested condition for the foreseeable future.

2c. Failure of constructing agency to locate site(s) and implement reforestation/afforestation requires a $500/acre payment, submitted to the State's Reforestation Fund. NOTE: Projects for which construction bids are let after July 1, 1992 are subject to $4,356/acre (10 cents/sq. ft.) fee due to amendments made to the Reforestation Law. Fee is due upon final clearing and determination per post construction review by Forest Service personnel. Maryland Department of Natural Resources will not authorize payment without sufficient proof that constructing agency has exhausted all planting opportunities (as listed in 1c, above).

3c. Planning Stock: Seedling or balled and burlapped, per Forest Service standards. See reforestation/ afforestation planting requirements, p.3 and 4.