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Reforestation Law 5-103 Summary - Planting SHA Reforestation Areas

Planting SHA Reforestation Areas

Reforestation areas include any areas within the rights-of-way easement area owned or controlled by SHA. Categories of reforestation will include but may not be limited to areas of high visibility, wildlife management, water quality improvement, forest stand enhancement/reinforcement, and reclamation of poor or disturbed sites.

Minimum Planting Requirements
Site Preparation As per SHA Standard Specification for Construction and Materials
Species Mix - Species selected will be determined on a site specific bases giving consideration to site condition and reforestation goals.
- Reforestation using native plant material is encouraged.
- To enhance diversity a minimum of 3 Genera of hardwoods, shrubs, and/or evergreens, and a mix of 70% overstory to 30% understory are recommended.
Stocking Survival rate of one year after planting must consist of:
Hydro-seeding Woody Plants: plant in conformance with the Standards Specifications for Construction and Materials, and subject to Maryland DNR Forest Service approval.
Seedling Stock - sized @ 1-0, 2-0 Bareroot: plant every 64 square feet of plant area (about 680 plants/acre at 8' x 8' spacing) to allow for a min. density one year post-planting of 436 tree/ac.
Deciduous and Evergreen Trees & Shrubs-greater than or equal to 3 feet and less than 5 feet in height: plant every 225 square feet of planting area (about 200 plants/acre at 151 x 151 spacing, or 13' -18' o.c.)
Deciduous and Evergreen Trees & Shrubs-greater than or, equal to 5 feet in height (B &B - /Container): plant every 400 square fee of planting area or about 109 plants/acre at 20' x 20' spacing or 18'- 22' o.c.
Note Note: Stocking sizes and dimensions may be combined all or in part to fulfill reforestation requirements.