Small Structure Context Report Table of Contents - Standards Plans (1912-1924)


Standard Plans for Small Structures Adopted by the Maryland State Roads Commission 1912-1933

1912 Standard Plans
Standard Plans for Small Structure Table of Content TOC.pdf
1912 Standard Plans Cover A-1
     Single Sheet with Box Culverts and Box A-2.pdf
1919 Standard Plans
1919 Standard Plans Cover A-3
     Details for Standard Slab Bridges A-4.pdf
     Standard Girder Bridges, General Plan A-5.pdf
     Standard Girder Bridges, Details A-6.pdf
1924 Standard Plans
1924 Standard Plans Cover A-7
     Standard 6-foot Slab Bridge A-8.pdf
     Standard 8-foot Slab Bridge A-9.pdf
     Standard 10-foot Slab Bridge A-10.pdf
     Standard 12-foot Slab Bridge A-11.pdf
     Standard 16-foot Slab Bridge A-12.pdf
     Standard 18-foot Slab Bridge A-13.pdf
     Standard Bridge Abutments A-14.pdf

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