Small Structure Context Report Table of Contents - Standard Plans (1931-1933)


Standard Plans for Small Structures Adopted by the Maryland State Roads Commission 1912-1933

1931 Standard Plans
1931 Standard Plans Cover A-27
     Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts--No Fill A-28.pdf
     Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts--5-foot maximum fill A-29.pdf
     Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts--10-foot maximum fill A-30.pdf
1933 Standard Plans
1933 Standard Plans Cover A-31
     Standard Balustrade Details A-32.pdf
     Standard 6-foot Slab Bridge A-33.pdf
     Standard 8-foot Slab Bridge A-34.pdf
     Standard 10-foot Slab Bridge A-35.pdf
     Standard 12-foot Slab Bridge A-36.pdf
     Standard 14-foot Slab Bridge A-37.pdf
     Standard 16-foot Slab Bridge A-38.pdf
     Standard 18-foot Slab Bridge A-39.pdf
     Standard Bridge Abutments for Concrete Slab Spans A-40.pdf
     Standard Bridge Abutments, Dimensions and Quantities A-41.pdf
     Standard Steel Beam Bridges for Secondary Roads, H15 A-42.pdf
     Standard Timber Beam Bridges for Secondary Bridges, H10 A-43.pdf
     Standard Timber Beam Bridges for Secondary Bridges, H15 A-44.pdf

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