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Work Zone Safety Toolbox


The information provided in Maryland State Highway Administration’s Work Zone Safety Tool Box is only to provide guidance. The Work Zone Safety Tool Box supplements current practices and standards provided in the current edition of the following documents:

  1. The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)
  2. The Maryland Supplement to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  3. Maryland State Highway Administration Standard Sign Book
  4. Maryland State Highway Administration Book of Standards for Highway and Incidental Structures
  5. Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration Standard Specifications for Construction and Materials

Table of Contents

Document Link Document Type Document Size (kb)
Police Traffic Services in Work Zones PDF 10, 396
Portable Changeable Message Signs With Speed Display PDF 261
Speed Display Trailers PDF 108
Temporary Transverse Rumble Strips in Work Zones PDF 173
Alternative Procedure for the Determination of Work Zone Speed Limits PDF 2, 460
Drone Radar PDF 88
CB Wizard Alert System PDF 139
Traffic Lookouts PDF 49
Reduced Channelizing Device Spacing PDF 308
ITS in Work Zones PDF 503
Wider Lane Lines PDF 208