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Railway Emergency Phone Numbers

In case of an emergency at a highway-rail crossing or along railroad tracks, please contact the appropriate railroad at the telephone number shown below. If the problem is at a highway-rail crossing, it will speed the railroad’s response if you can give them the DOT number for the crossing. The DOT number consists of six digits followed by a letter and should be located on a sign in the vicinity of the crossing

CSX Transportation EMERGENCY No.: 1(800) 232-0144
Norfolk Southern Railway EMERGENCY No.: 1(800) 946-4744
Canton Railroad Phone: 410-633-9190
Maryland & Delaware Railroad Phone: 410-754-5735
Maryland Midland Railway Phone: 410-876-0392
Patapsco & Back Rivers Railroad Phone: 410-388-7937
Eastern Shore Railroad Phone: 757-331-1094, ext. 13
Winchester & Western Railroad Phone: 540-662-2600
Western Maryland Scenic Railroad Phone: 301-759-4400
Walkersville Southern Railroad Phone: 301-898-0899