Office of Equal Opportunity - ADA Program Overview

Title VI / Environmental Justice

Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Program Overview

The State Highway Administration (SHA) shall make the accommodation of persons with disabilities an integral element of its planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance activities for all projects as outlined herein.

All projects, regardless of who is administering the contract, shall accommodate and provide accessibility for persons with disabilities where it is reasonable, feasible and appropriate to do so as described herein. This includes facilities and services to access community meetings, utility relocations, access permits and reimbursement projects. Providing accommodations is especially important where the existing and/or proposed land use supports pedestrians. This includes trip generators and destinations such as employment, education, residential, commercial, recreation and transit centers.

Americans with Disabilities Act Accommodation Requests form

Under Title II of the ADA, any employee or customer of the State Highway Administration, seeking an ADA Accommodation Request relating to agency services, programs, or activities should contact the ADA Coordinator at (410) 545-0362.

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