Roads Maintained by District 2 - Cecil County

Cecil County, Elkton Shop

Route Type Route# Suffix Route Name From To
US 1   Conowingo Road Harford County Line Pennsylvania State Line
MD 7 C Principio Furnace Road MD 222 US 40
MD 7 B Old Philadelphia Road US 40 MD 279
MD 7 D Main Street South Street MD 281
MD 7 D Delaware Avenue MD 281 US 40
US 40   Pulaski Highway Harford County Line Delaware State Line
MD 213   Lewisville Road Pennsylvania State Line Telegraph Road (MD 273)
MD 213   Singerly Road Telegraph Road (MD 273) Elkton Blvd.
MD 213   Bridge Street Elkton Blvd. US 40
MD 213   Augustine Herman Highway US 40 Kent County Line
MD 222   Aiken Avenue Principio Furnace Road (MD 7) US 40
MD 222   Perryville Road US 40 Perrylawn Drive (MD 275)
MD 222   Bainbridge Road Perrylawn Drive (MD 275) Jacob Tome Hwy (MD 276)
MD 222   Main Street Corp Limits Port Deposit Liberty Grove Road
MD 222   River Road Liberty Grove Road Conowingo Road (US 1)
US 222   Rock Springs Road Conowingo Road (US 1) Pennsylvania State Line
MD 267   Baltimore Street Old Philadelphia Rd (MD 7) Market Street
MD 267   Bladen Street Market Street Old Philadelphia Rd (MD 7)
MD 268   North Street Newark Avenue Main Street
MD 272   Turkey Pt Rd End of Maintenance Irishtown Road
MD 272   Mauldin Avenue Corp Limits North East US 40
MD 272   Main Street Corp Limits North East Russell Street
MD 272   North East Road US 40 Telegraph Road (MD 273)
MD 272   Chrome Road Telegraph Road (MD 273) Pennsylvania State Line
MD 273   Rising Sun Road Conowingo Road (US 1) Corp limits Rising Sun
MD 273   Main Street Corp limits Rising Sun Pierce Road
MD 273   Telegraph Road Pierce Road Delaware State Line
MD 274   Queen Street Rising Sun Road Octoraro RR Trail
MD 274   Joseph Biggs Highway Octorato RR Trail MD 272
MD 274 A Calvert Road    
MD 274 B Ebenezer Church Road    
MD 275   Perrylawn Drive Jacob Tome Hwy (MD 276) Perryville Road (MD 222)
MD 277   Elks Mill Road End of Maintenance Appleton Road
MD 277   Fletchwood Road Appleton Road Delaware State Line
MD 279   Elkton Newark Road Delaware State Line US 40
MD 281   Main Street Bridge Street (MD 213) Delaware Avenue
MD 281   Red Hill Road Delaware Avenue Delaware State Line
MD 282   Crystal Beach Road End of Maintenance Corp limits Cecilton
MD 282   Cecilton Warwick Road Corp limits Cecilton Delaware State Line
MD 284   Hemphill Street Biddle Street Lock Street
MD 285   Lock Street MD 213 Biddle Street
MD 285   Biddle Street Lock Street Delaware State Line
MD 286   George Street MD 213 2nd Street
MD 286   2nd Street George Street Williams Street
MD 286   Bethel Road Williams Street Delaware State Line
MD 299   Massey Sassafras Road Delaware State Line Kent County Line
US 301   Blue Star Memorial Hwy Delaware State Line Kent County Line
MD 310   Cayots Corner Road MD 213 Delaware State Line
MD 316   Appleton Road Elkton Road (MD 279) Fletchwood Rd (MD 277)
MD 327   Firestone Road Ikea Way End of Maintenance
MD 342   St. Augustine Road MD 213 Cayots Corner Rd (MD 310)
MD 545   Blueball Road MD 213 Warburton Road
MD 591 A Colora Road Conowingo Road (US 1) Road End
MD 591 B Porters Bridge Road Conowingo Road (US 1) Road End
MD 781   Delancy Road Red Hill Road (MD 281) US 40
MD 824 A Blythdale Road Bainbridge Road (MD 222) Perryville Road (MD 222)
MD 896   Mechanicsville Road Delaware State Line Pennsylvania State Line