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Roads Maintained by District 7 - Howard County

Howard County, Dayton Shop

Route Type Route# Suffix Route Name From To
I 70   No Name Frederick County line Baltimore County Line
I 95   No Name Prince Georges County Line Baltimore County Line
MD 32   Patuxent Parkway Anne Arundel County Line Clarksville Pike
MD 32   Sykesville Road Clarksville Pike Carroll County Line
MD 94   Woodbine Road Montgomery County Line O Frederick Rd.
MD 97   Roxbury Mills Road Montgomery County Line Ramp 4 from MD 97 NB to IS 70 EB
MD 97   Hoods Mill Road Ramp 6 from IS 70 to MD 97 SB Carroll County Line
MD 99   Old Frederick Road Old Frederick Road (Back) Columbia Pike
MD 100   No Name Entrance to Dorsey MARC sta. Columbia Pike
MD 100 J Long Gate Parkway Long Gate Parkway (Back) Meadowbrook Lane
MD 100 L Dorsey Marc Station Access Road  Ent to Dorsey MARC station Ramp 8 from MD 100 L SB to MD 100 WB
MD 100 M Coca Cola Drive Anne Arundel County Line Park Circle
MD 100 V Executive Park Drive Ramp 7 from MD 100 WB to MD 100V SB SB 6 from MD 100 EB to MD 100V SB
MD 100 W Snowden River Parkway Snowden River Parkway (Back) RAB
MD 103   Dorsey Road Anne Arundel County Line Washington Blvd
MD 103   Meadowridge Road Washington Blvd Spur Briarglen Dr
MD 103   Montgomery Road Brightfield Road Columbia Pike
MD 103   St Johns Lane Columbia Pike St Johns Lane (Ahead)
MD 103 A Montgomery Road Old Washington Road Washington Blvd
MD 104   Waterloo Road Old Annapolis Road / Waterloo Road South Haven Drive (Ahead)
MD 108   Clarksville Pike Montgomery County Line Columbia Pike
MD 108   Old Annapolis Road Columbia Pike Waterloo Road
MD 108   Waterloo Road Waterloo Road Rouse Parkway
MD 108 A Thomas Williams Way Old Annapolis Road Tricross Drive
MD 108 H Presbyterian Circle Old Annapolis Road Road End
MD 125   Woodstock Road Baltimore County Line
MD 144 A Frederick Road Carroll County Line Pebble Beach Drive (Ahead)
MD 144 H Twin Arch Road Carroll County Line Twin Arch Road
MD 175   Waterloo Road Anne Arundel County Line Waterloo Road
MD 175   Rouse Parkway Waterloo Road Little Patuxent Pkwy (Ahead)
MD 176 C Binder Lane Dorsey Road Road End
MD 216   Scaggsville Road Prince Georges Co. line Clarksville Pike
MD 216 H Old Columbia Road Old Columbia (Back) Scaggsville Road
MD 432   Glen Oak Lane Oakland Mills Road (Back)
MD 732 R Dorsey Run Road Anne Arundel County Line Dorsey Run Road
MD 732 V Great Star Drive Great Star Drive (Back) Great Star Drive (Ahead)
MD 851   West Friendship Road Sykesville Road Carroll County Line
MD 851 D No Name Road End Road End
MD 851 F Deer Hill Road Sykesville Road Road End
MD 851 H No Name Road End Sykesville Road
MD 851 J Butterfly Court Old Frederick Road road end
MD 958 P Crestmount Road Asseteague Drive (Back) Road End
MD 981   Triscross Drive Waterloo Road Old Annapolis Road
MD 983   Old Scaggsville Road Road End Old Scaggsville Road (Ahead)
MD 983 A Old Scaggsville Road Cul De Sac Old Scaggsville Road (Ahead)
MD 984   No Name Baltimore National Pike Normandy Drive
MD 985   Old Frederick Road Road End Rogers Avenue
MD 985 A Old Frederick Road Rogers Avenue RAB
MD 985 A Rogers Avenue Old Frederick Road Road End
US 1   Washington Blvd Prince Georges County Line Baltimore County Line
US 29   Columbia Pike Montgomery County Line O Frederick rd.
US 40   Baltimore National Pike No Name Baltimore County Line
I 95 I service rd. south Welcome center  
I 95 J service rd. north Welcome center  
I 95 K no name entrance to dump station exit from dump station
MD 103 C no name Montgomery Rd Waterloo Rd
MD 104 A Oak Run Way Elko Dr. Oak Run Way(Ahead)
MD 144 A Fredrick Rd.  Howard County line Frederick County line (Carroll county portion)
MD 144 HB Twin Arch Rd CL. Co. line Twin Arch Rd
MD 144 HC Twin Arch Rd Long Corner Rd.(Back) road end