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Mid-Atlantic Region Technician Certification Program (MARTCP)

Office of Materials Technology

The Office of Materials Technology (OMT) maintains the Mid-Atlantic Region Technician Certification Program (MARTCP) for technicians performing quality control/quality assurance testing in various materials disciplines. Two brochures have been developed to provide information related to the program. In addition, the MARTCP Training Schedule is available here.

The first brochure MARTCP Technician Certification Program Training/Testing Information (PDF, 100 KB) provides information about technician certification courses including: course descriptions, school schedules, contacts and fees.

The second brochure MARTCP Technician Certification Renewal Policy (PDF, 350 KB) provides information for certification renewal.

MARTCP Program Document Links

MARTCP Training/Testing Information (PDF, 100 KB)
MARTCP Renewal Policy (PDF, 350 KB)
MARTCP Training Schedule (PDF, 50 KB)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 100 KB)

For questions or comments regarding MARTCP brochures:

Lisa Alford
phone: 443-572-5040 / 1-866-926-8501

For general questions regarding the Mid-Atlantic Region Technician Certification Program:

Woody Hood
phone: 443-572-5020 / 1-866-926-8501


Soils and Aggregates Compaction Manual (PDF, 4.4 MB)
MSMT 350 In-Place Density of Embankment, Subbase, Base, Surface and Shoulder Materials (PDF, 350 KB)
MSMT 351 Field Determination of Moisture Density Relations of Soils (PDF, 200 KB)
MSMT 352 In-Place Density of Embankment, Subbase, Base, Surface and Shoulder Materials using the Nuclear D/M Gauge (PDF, 250 KB)
MSMT 354 Sampling of Soil and Bank Run Materials for Approval of Borrow Sites (PDF, 200 KB)

Concrete Plant

Concrete Plant Technician Handbook (PDF, 10 MB)