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Office of Construction

Office of Construction HQ

Office of Construction (Headquarters/Training Center)

7450 Traffic Drive
Hanover, MD 21076
Toll Free # 1-866-926-8503
FAX # 410-787-0986

Our Mission: Provide oversight statewide for SHA’s Construction Program, set policy and support all SHA offices that contribute to building a safe, mobile highway system that enhances Maryland ’s communities, economy and the environment.

The Office of Construction comprises seven major sections: Engineering Support Division, Construction Support Division, Utilities Section, Contracts Award Division, Contract Payment Division and Safety Team.

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The Office of Construction’s responsibilities are contract processing (bid openings, bid protests, contract award, contract execution, notice to proceed) and payments to contractors; establishment of Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) goals and approval of Affirmative Action Plans; approval of change orders; construction inspection; management of supplemental consultant inspection contracts; training; statewide utilities (relocation, determination of prior rights, billing, coordination); claims avoidance/resolution; MCMS and related software support; and establishing policies and procedures.

Regional Construction Engineers

Regional Construction Engineers (RCEs) represent the Administrator, Deputy Administrator/Chief Engineer for Operations and Director-Office of Construction in the Highway Construction Program. The RCE's monitor each project from the design phase throughout the construction phase to assure quality and uniform construction techniques using Quality Assurance/Quality Control.

RCEs serve as liaisons between OOC management, district offices and field offices; establish contract requirements; write construction inspection reports; oversee sediment and erosion control compliance; approve pile hammer and driving criteria; ensure that Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Certification Acceptance (CA) requirements are met in State and local government construction projects; and enforce compliance with standards and specifications for construction.

RCEs monitor statewide paving operations to guarantee Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) for the Office of Construction (OOC) and to ensure uniformity of asphalt paving practices throughout the State, and in local jurisdictions. They help district personnel, project engineers and inspection staff correct paving problems statewide. They are responsible for quality and uniformity on all Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Paving and Super Pave placement throughout the state. They work with the State Asphalt Team and train the HMA Roundtable.

Safety Compliance Officers

Safety compliance officers ensure that field personnel comply with job-site safety requirements. They inspect construction sites and investigate reports of workplace hazards. Their work with the OOC Safety Program includes safety training. They run the Construction Support Division Vehicle Accident/Incident Program.