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Office of Construction Utilities Division

Mission Statement: Manage utility coordination with our internal and external customers ensuring a timely delivery of the MDOT SHA projects.  The Utilities Team is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards to meet: highway and safety requirements; and fiscal responsibility while continuing to uphold the MDOT SHA core values.

The Utilities Team administers the Utilities Program for the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA); accommodates utility facilities placed within the MDOT SHA right of way; and coordinates utilities through project delivery. The Utilities Team works with district, design groups, and utility personnel to provide training and technical engineering; and ensures that utility relocation costs are distributed equitably.

Specific responsibilities include:

Important Links:

Utility Center

Committee on Right of Way, Utilities and Outdoor Advertising Control

Maryland Quality Initiative – Utilities Subcommittee

  • Establish statewide utility policy and procedures
  • Train, direct and provide technical engineering to MDOT SHA and utility personnel
  • Direct district utility permitting
  • Determine cost sharing for relocations (negotiate and approve utility plan, specification, and estimates, and third-party reviews)
  • Obtain federal aid approval
  • Approve final utility invoices
  • Resolve escalated project design and construction conflicts
  • Administer the MDOT SHA Miss Utility Program (including the Miss Utility Ticket Tracking System, customer service, and invoices)
  • Administer the MDOT SHA Resource Sharing Program
  • Participate in solar energy initiatives
  • Provide constructability reviews of utility relocations
  • Oversee GIS inventory of district utility permit inspections
  • Compile utility databases
  • Lead the Maryland Quality Initiative (MdQI) Utility Sub-Committee, MDOT’s Utility Committee, and the American Association of State Highway & Transportation Official’s (AASHTO) Committee for Right-of-Way, Utilities, & Outdoor Advertising Control
  • Conduct project utility and quarterly status meetings
  • Develop utility budgets
  • Manage customer service through the Customer Care Management System (CCMS)