Office of Maintenance (OOM - Part 3)

Maintenance Contracts and Procurement Team
Janice Harris, Assistant Division Chief
410-582-5550 (phone)

The Maintenance Contracts Section is responsible for scheduling, estimating, developing, processing, reviewing, and advertising contracts, special provisions, and plans for highway maintenance, resurfacing, facilities construction & maintenance, and CHART maintenance. The Section is responsible for coordinating contracts with District Offices and developing specifications and special provisions for statewide commodity procurements. This Section also administers the SHA Maintenance Clothing & Safety Shoe programs. In addition, the Section monitors inventories statewide and oversees statewide material condemnations. The Section represents the OOM on Special Project Tours and administers the Chief Engineer's discretionary fund. During emergencies, the Section supports the EOC by preparing and coordinating emergency procurements for services and resources. Additionally, this section is responsible for assuring information is accurate for federal assistance and reimbursement as a result of a Governor declared State of Emergency or Presidential disaster declaration.

Maintenance Training and Certification Team
Carol Diserio, Assistant Division Chief
410-582-5555 (phone)

The Maintenance Training and Certification Section is responsible for research, development and implementation of training and certification programs dedicated to the improvement of highway maintenance personnel skills statewide. This includes providing heavy equipment training and certification testing, conducting technical training and certification, administering winter operations training, and maintenance related safety training. The section is also responsible for overseeing SHA’s Driver Improvement Program and the statewide Driver Corrective Action Program. During emergencies the section provides staff to support EOC operations.

Maintenance Operations Support Team
Erin Dey, Assistant Division Chief
410-582-5569 (phone)

The Maintenance Operations Support Team is responsible for the preparation and management of the statewide maintenance operating budget. Responsibilities include monitoring maintenance expenditures, developing performance measures, performing budget analysis, and providing maintenance information for SHA’s Business Plan. In addition, the team manages the Statewide Litter programs, such as the Adopt a Highway Program, Sponsor a Highway Program, and the Inmate Labor Program. The team also develops maintenance activities and performance measures. The team conducts special studies related to maintenance operations and business practices. During emergencies, the team is responsible for compiling and providing maintenance related operations and expenditure data including assisting with the preparation of documentation for federal reimbursement. Operations Support Team is also responsible for conducting annual statewide assessments of highway conditions and line striping. This includes administering peer reviews for the Maryland Condition Assessment Reporting System (MCARS). The team investigates, evaluates, and prepares reports on new products, materials, technologies, and techniques for winter and routine maintenance. The Team provides support and direction for statewide line-striping and other pavement marking operations. The Team additionally is responsible for analyzing data and preparing reports related to winter operations. During emergencies the team provides staff to support EOC operations.