Office of Materials Technology

Mission: To effectively and efficiently assure the quality of the materials used on the Maryland roadway system are designed, produced and placed to meet the system preservation, safety and environmental needs of the state's communities.

The Office of Materials Technology (OMT) is structured as follows:

  • Director's Office
    • Material Quality
      • Materials Management Division
      • Asphalt Technology Division
      • Concrete Technology Division
      • Soils and Aggregate Technology Division
      • Structural Materials and Pavement Markings Division
    • Material Engineering
      • Pavement and Geotechnical Division
      • Engineering Geology Division
      • Field Explorations Division
      • New Products and Research Team
    • Administrative Group
      • Human Resources
      • Procurement & Finance
      • Safety Management
      • Performance Excellence
      • Unit Training

Director's Office
The Director's Office includes the Director, Deputy Directors and an Executive Administrative Assistant. The Director is responsible for the management of the office and serves as the State Materials Engineer for Maryland who reports directly to the Deputy Administrator of Operations/Chief Engineer. The two Deputy Directors serve as leaders for the two functional areas of OMT - Material Quality and Material Engineering.

Sejal Barot, Director
7450 Traffic Drive
Hanover, Maryland 21076
Office 443-572-5037
Toll Free 866-926-8501

Eric Frempong
Deputy Director, Material Quality
7450 Traffic Drive
Hanover, Maryland 21076
Office 443-572-5269
Toll Free 866-926-8501

Eric Dougherty
Deputy Director, Material Engineering
7450 Traffic Drive
Hanover, Maryland 21076
Office 443-572-5036
Toll Free 866-926-8501

Sherry Foster-McKnight
Executive Administrative Assistant
7450 Traffic Drive
Hanover, Maryland 21076
Office 443-572-5038
Toll Free 866-926-8501

Materials Management Division - Material Quality
The Materials Management Division is responsible for District support, Independent Assurance Audits and the Materials Management System development and implementation. The District support services will include the creation of four Area Materials Engineers, who are the first point of contact for District personnel on all material related matters. Statewide Access Permit Projects are also a part of the Material Management Division responsibilities. Project Material Clearance responsibilities will also come under this division.

Materials Management Division     Woody Hood, Division Chief
Office 443-572-5020     Toll Free 866-926-8501

Asphalt, Concrete, and Soils and Aggregate Divisions - Material Quality
Each division is responsible for Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Clearance and Acceptance of materials used in transportation facility construction.

Asphalt Technology Division     Chandra Akisetty, Division Chief
Office 443-572-5051     Toll Free 866-926-8501

Concrete Technology Division     Vicki Stewart, Division Chief
Office 443-572-5134     Toll Free 866-926-8501

Soils and Aggregate Technology Division     Dan Sajedi, Division Chief
Office 443-572-5162     Toll Free 866-926-8501

Structural Materials and Pavement Markings Division - Material Quality
The Structural Materials and Pavement Markings Division provides QC/QA inspection, testing and evaluation in both the laboratory and field for a full spectrum of materials and their fabrication and application (includes structural and reinforcing steel, complex coating systems, pavement marking materials and their application, and a wide variety of materials such as bridge bearings, fencing and bonding materials).

Structural Materials and Pavement Markings Division     David Malburg, P. E., Division Chief
Office 443-572-5298     Toll Free 866-926-8501

Pavement and Geotechnical Division - Material Engineering
The Pavement and Geotechnical Division is responsible for Pavement Design and Pavement Management. The division also provides Geotechnical Engineering services related to pavement and is SHA's Pavement Engineering resource for our construction and maintenance personnel.

Pavement and Geotechnical Division     Geoff Hall, P. E., Division Chief
Office 443-572-5067     Toll Free 866-926-8501

Engineering Geology Division - Material Engineering
The Engineering Geology Division develops geotechnical designs for rock slopes and rock foundations; oversees subsurface investigations for structure foundations; carries out slope stability and settlement analyses for highway embankments; conducts groundwater contamination and quantity studies; reviews contractor blast designs; conducts seismic vibration studies; makes hazardous materials (HAZMAT) site assessments. The division is SHA's Geotechnical Engineering resource for our construction and maintenance personnel.

Engineering Geology Division     Nathan Moore, Division Chief
Office 443-572-5171     Toll Free 866-926-8501

Field Explorations Division - Material Engineering
The Field Explorations Division is responsible for the testing and evaluation of our state highway infrastructure, as well as subsurface investigation (drilling) services.

Field Explorations Division     William Adzimahe, Division Chief
Office 443-572-5176     Toll Free 866-926-8501

New Products and Research Team - Material Engineering
The New Products and Research Team is responsible for deciding which new products and processes merit investigation and evaluation by the Administration. Upon completion of evaluation, the committee will document and publish its findings in the Maryland Products Evaluation Listing (MPEL) database and submit them with recommendations to the Chief Engineer for approval or disapproval relative to use, procedures, specification changes and policies.

New Products and Research Team     Troy Davis, New Products Team Leader
Office 443-572-5045     Toll Free 866-926-8501

Administrative Group
The Administrative Group supports the functions of OMT and assists the Hanover Complex where it is appropriate.

Human Resources - Christina Grodnitzky
Office 443-572-5261     Toll Free 866-926-8501

Procurement & Finance Team Leader - Justin Hannie
Office 443-572-5102     Toll Free 866-926-8501

Safety Manager - Steve Sandkuhler
Office 443-572-5041     Toll Free 866-926-8501

Performance Excellence Specialist / Unit Training Coordinator - Vanessa Howard
Office 443-572-5093     Toll Free 866-926-8501