Office of Traffic and Safety - OOTS (Part 4)

Engineering Support Team

The Engineering Support Team supports all Traffic Engineering Design Division (TEDD) design and assists the management team with traffic engineering computer technology. This team develops OOTS  standards and specifications. It develops and updates DOP's and CADD computer programs.

Traffic Operations Division

The Traffic Operations Division (TOD) consists of the Traffic Control Device Inspection Section, Sign Operations Section, Signal Operations Section, Traffic Operations Support Section, Statewide Sign Team and the Inventory Section. The TOD constructs, modifies and maintains traffic signals on the State highway system and fabricates traffic signs for State and local systems. This division constructs roadway lighting, roadway sign structures, and digital message signs. It orders and stores equipment for traffic control devices.

Traffic Operations Support Section

The Traffic Operations Support Section prepares plans, specifications and estimate packages for the remedial design of damaged traffic control devices. These employees also serve as the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) expert witnesses for court testimony related to the interpretation of traffic signal phasing and timing. They analyze expenditures for the Traffic Operation Division’s maintenance budget.

Traffic Control Device Inspection Section

The Traffic Control Device Inspection Section (TCDIS) conducts technical inspections of traffic control devices to ensure that contractors build projects according to plans and contract documents, and follow MDOT SHA standards and specifications. They also coordinate electric services for Traffic Control Devices. The section administers OOTS's traffic control device, lighting, pedestrian signal and digital message sign contracts. The TCDIS also provides inspection support on maintenance, developer, local government and district-administered construction projects that include traffic control devices.

Sign Operations Section

The Sign Operations Section creates highway signs for OOTS-administered construction contracts, MDOT SHA district maintenance shops, Maryland Department of Transportation business units, counties and cities in accordance with MDOT SHA guidelines and the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Signal Operations Section

The Signal Operations Section maintains traffic control signals statewide. These employees perform emergency and routine repairs and parts upgrades of traffic signals, signal systems and portable changeable message signs. They install and turn on new traffic signals. These employees also implement and test new technologies. They also develop, and participate in, signal timing. The Signal Operations Section also provides technical support for MDOT SHA signals, and some local government signals, ensuring that the signals work together in a safe and efficient manner.

Statewide Sign Team

The Statewide Sign Team helps the 28 MDOT SHA maintenance shops install large ground mounted and overhead signs. They also repair, remove and modify sign structures. The team responds to large sign and sign structure emergencies by removing damaged equipment that poses a safety risk.

Inventory Section

The Inventory Section orders, stores and distributes supplies for traffic-related construction projects and maintenance. They support the Sign and Signal Operations Sections, contractors working for TCDIS, developer and local government projects, and district-administered construction projects.