Office of Traffic and Safety - OOTS (Part 5)

Traffic Development and Support Division

The Traffic Development and Support Division (TDSD) supports new and expanded programs and practices, and guides the overall statewide traffic-engineering program. Its three major teams and their principal functions are:

Traffic Engineering Support Team

The Traffic Engineering Support Team:

  • provides capacity analysis for planning projects and highway design projects
  • supports traffic engineering throughout the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA)
  • determines traffic signal system timing for locations throughout the State
  • reviews all traffic impact studies
  • supports traffic engineering on special projects (e.g., HOV, roundabout, access management, congestion management, and air quality)
  • coordinates Special Projects Fund 76
  • coordinates peer review teams

Statewide Studies Team

The Statewide Studies Team:

  • administers statewide traffic engineering projects and conducts major traffic planning and engineering studies
  • provides technical expertise to the administration, other Maryland Department of Transportation business units, and local governments in such specialized areas as rail-highway and mass transit-highway safety, truck safety, special-events routing, and federal categorical grants
  • administers categorical traffic programs

Traffic Policy and Management Team

The Traffic Policy and Management Team (TPMT) provides technical assistance for work-zone traffic control. TPMT develops guidelines for federal work-zone safety and mobility, guides Transportation Management Plan (TMP) development, provides guidance on work-zone policies, standards, and specifications, and reviews Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) plans. TMPT also conducts minor studies related to work zone traffic engineering, collects data, performs analysis and prepares summary reports. TPMT oversees work-zone traffic control training and safety training for law enforcement personnel serving on work-zone details.

Traffic Safety Analysis Division

Information Systems Section

The Information Systems Section collects crash data (from State Police MAARS files) and maintains a crash database to support traffic engineering and education. It publishes an inventory of roads statewide (excluding Baltimore City) that is used by law enforcement to locate accidents and assists the State Police in processing the data by developing software. The section produces numerous reports, including the Candidate Safety Improvement Sections, accident profiles on various subjects, summary crash data, and detailed crash listings. It maintains copies of accident reports. The section provides accident data to local governmental agencies.