Office of Traffic and Safety - OOTS (Part 6)

Studies and Analysis Section

The Studies and Analysis Section conducts traffic safety engineering studies to identify site-specific and characteristic-specific traffic safety problems, ascertain remedial measures, and evaluate countermeasures. The section supplies data and analysis for Candidate Safety Improvement Intersections, planning and environmental impact studies, special projects, traffic signal and operations studies, resurfacing projects, candidate Fund 76 projects, and other safety activities. The section conducts Before and After studies, benefit/cost analyses, and cost-effectiveness analyses. It develops solutions that ameliorate safety problems.

Maryland Highway Safety Office

The Safety Programs Section staffs State highway safety office operations under the Office of the Highway Safety Coordinator. It ensures that Maryland has a traffic safety program that meets the State's needs and satisfies federal requirements. The section assesses traffic situations statewide, develops countermeasures for traffic safety problems that can be best ameliorated with "soft side" (i.e. non-engineering) solutions, coordinates traffic safety efforts, and evaluates results. It also administers the federal highway safety (Section 402) grant program. Its priority areas are: impaired driving, occupant protection, pedestrian safety, police traffic services, traffic records, young drivers, and older drivers.

The Maryland Committee for Safety Belt Use, Inc., an independent entity, is housed within TSD and is associated with the Safety Programs Section. The committee plans occupant-protection activities throughout the State. It houses Maryland Safe Kids, an organization to improve the safety of Maryland children on streets and highways.

Motor Carrier Division

The Motor Carrier Division (MCD) regulates motor-carrier safety and vehicle size and weight. Motor Carrier Programs manages the Maryland Commercial Vehicle size, weight and safety enforcement programs and provides information to carriers and the public. Hauling Permits processes oversize-overweight permits for companies nationwide so various carriers travel safely throughout the State. Hauling Permits also provides these companies with daily and monthly financial reports of their transactions.