The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) recognizes the need to use the state transportation system for special events because of its accessibility, proximity to popular destinations and its ease of use. A positive and safe event experience is important for event participants as well as others who may be affected by the event including property owners, businesses, places of worship, spectators, and road users. SHA has a responsibility to provide a safe and efficient transportation system for all users. To that purpose, any event affecting State roads must be approved and permitted by the SHA.


A special event is any activity that may effect the safe and normal movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic along the State Highway system, or which may require the assistance of local, county or state police, or the SHA. Special events may include marches and parades, filming, organized bicycle or pedestrian races and events, local festivals or other types of activities that may impact highway operations. A Maryland State Highway Administration Special Event Permit is required for any event that will impact an Interstate, U.S. Route or State numbered highway.

If part of the event will occur on a roadway within another jurisdiction (i.e., county or city roads), the event organizer must request a permit from the local agency(s).


Special Event Permit Process, Instructions and Contacts

Special Event Permit Application Forms Data Sheet

Signature Sheet Special Event Permit Checklist - list of information that may be required for your event