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Traffic Studies and Statistics

Annual Highway Mileage Reports
The annual mileage reports show miles, lane miles and Annual Vehicle Miles of Travel (AVMT) for all State, county and municipally maintained roads in Maryland.

Annual Vehicle Miles of Travel Report  273 KB,  332 KB
This report contains Annual Vehicle Miles of Travel (AVMT) by county and functional classification for State, county, and municipal highway systems.

Note: Beginning with the 2016 report, the Annual Vehicle Miles of Travel Report features the current FHWA Functional Classification Codes (1-7). With the introduction of the new FHWA codes, the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) added the classifications Urban, Rural, Principal Arterial and Other Freeways and Expressways, and Minor Collector.

Congestion Assessment
Congestion assessment maps show congestion levels for all major state roadways in Maryland on an average weekday during the morning (a.m.) and evening (p.m.) peak hours using a combination of probe and Highway Capacity Manual-based analysis.

Highway Location Reference (HLR)
The HLR lists mile points of intersections features and commonly requested points for all roads maintained by MDOT SHA and the Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA).

Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS)
HPMS is a nationwide FHWA road inventory database that reports the extent, condition, performance, use, and operating characteristics of the nation’s highways.

Highway System Mileage by Year Report (1980 - present)
This report contains highway miles and lane miles by year for State, county, and municipal Highways from 1980-present.

Maryland Interstate and Beltway Mileage Report
This report contains highway miles for Maryland’s Interstate Highway System by route number and mileage on the Baltimore and Capital Beltways.

Mileage Inside the Municipalities Reports
This annual report summarizes mileage of State, county and municipal roadways, as well as the mileage of roads within municipalities.

Traffic Monitoring System (TMS)
The TMS provides data, statistics, reports and maps for MDOT SHA’s traffic count program.