Grid Maps

The State Highway Grid Map series cover all interstate, US, and state highways; county, local and municipal roads, other transportation systems such as air and seaports; reservations and other public lands; political boundaries, drainage and streams, large open bodies of water and some public buildings at a scale of 1:12,000.

The Grid Maps are updated annually and available as PDF files. To view, print or download PDF files, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

To find a Grid Map you can either search by Grid Map number or address in the "Grid/Address Search" search window. Upon locating your desired Grid Map, please click on that location on the map. This will then open a pop-up window, identifying the Grid Map you've selected. Selecting the arrow pointing to the right opens a window with a hyperlink entitled Printable Map . Click this hyperlink to open the map in your browser for either viewing, printing or download.

Please Note: The Grid Maps range in file size from approximately .5MB to 14MB.

To purchase a hard copy of a Grid Map, click here.