GIS Traffic Count Data


The traffic data consists of historical Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) and Annual Average Daily Weekday Traffic (AAWDT), K & D factor, Direction Splits, Percentage single unit and combination trucks in Nad83 ft HARN in Spreadsheet, Shapefile and KML file formats. The data is available as either a point layer, which represents the location where the count was done or segment  layer which represent the roadway section corresponding to the count.  The traffic data is updated and published annually.

Please note our new data sharing platform (Maryland GIS Data Catalog).  With our new platform, users are able to download the data, via the Download Data button found on the right side center of the page or interact with the data directly via various APIs.

Traffic by Roadway Segment (Segment Layer)
This layer represents historic traffic data along their corresponding  route segments.
KML File

Traffic by Count Locations (Point Layer)
This layer represents historic traffic data at the location that the traffic count was done.
KML File

A list of data items and their descriptions are defined in Data Description document (PDF, 221 kb).