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Guidance for Local Public Agencies and Sub-Recipients of Federal Funds

The State Highway Administration (SHA) has developed a manual for Local Public Agencies (LPA) and Sub-Recipients to provide information and instructions to help them successfully develop and implement federally funded transportation projects. For LPAs that are unfamiliar with federal procedures, the manual will serve as a guide to the federal process. For those LPAs that frequently use federal funds for their transportation projects, the manual will be a reference tool to quickly locate more detailed information on specific topics.

Development Guide for Local Public Agencies and Other Sub-Recipients of Federal Funds (PDF, 22.2 Mb)

In addition, below are some useful links to specific guidance documents to assist LPAs in the development of projects to meet federal aid requirements:

Subject Description
Title VI / Environmental Justice The purpose of Title VI/Environmental Justice is to ensure non-discrimination in all SHA programs or activities receiving Federal financial assistance from the Federal Highway Administration.
Sub-recipient Construction Manual and Forms and Documents Provides manual to assist Sub-recipients in the administer construction of Federal-Aid projects including sample forms.
Federal Highway Bridge Program Guidance to local governments to use Federal Highway Bridge Program Funds
Safe Route to Schools Program Provides contacts for assistance with Safe Routes to School project funds
Transportation Alternatives Program Guidance to local governments to use Transportation Alternatives Program
Environmental Resource Document Provides guidance to local governments to get NEPA approval
Maryland Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MDMUTCD) Provides requirements and guidance for traffic control devices to be installed in Maryland
Traffic Control Devices Design Manual This manual helps traffic engineers develop signal, signing, pavement marking and lighting plans for Office of Traffic and Safety (OOTS)
Maryland Standard Sign Book The Maryland Standard Sign Book provides design details for standard signs that must be used along all public roads in Maryland
SHA Bicycle Policy & Design Guidelines Provides requirements and design guidelines for bicycle facilities along SHA highways
SHA Accessibility Policy & Guidelines for Pedestrian Facilities Along State Highways Provides requirements and design guidelines for pedestrian facilities along SHA highways
Book of Standards for Highway & Incidental Structures Provides standards to be used on SHA roadways
Standard Supplemental and Specifications for Construction and Materials Defines specifications and material requirements for items to be utilized on SHA roadways
Highway Drainage Manual Provides requirements for highway drainage for SHA roadways
Guidelines for Traffic Barrier Placement and End Treatment Design Provides requirements for traffic barrier along SHA roadways
Pavement & Geotechnical Design Guide Provides a process to evaluate the condition of the pavement system to fulfill design requirements
Landscape Guidance Documents Provides links to landscape design guidance including the SHA Landscape Design Guide and the Environmental Guide for Access & District Permit Applicants
SHA Utility Policy Provides requirements for utilities to be placed within SHA right-of-way
Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies Provides guidance on getting through federal requirements for federal funded projects