Access Management/Permits

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Welcome to MDOT SHA’s Access Management web page.


August 2, 2016 we hosted a public forum to gather feedback from customers about our access management practices and to develop recommendations for improvement. Please click here to read the executive summary of the report on that day.

Effective June 1, 2015 all access permit related project submittals shall be sent to the District Engineer to the attention of the Area Engineer as listed below:

District 1 (Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, Worcester)

District Engineer: James Meredith

P.O. Box 2679

660 West Road

Salisbury MD  21802

Regional Engineer: Rochelle Outten

Phone: (410) 677-4098


District 2 (Caroline, Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne’s, Talbot)

District Engineer: Kenny Fender

615 Morgnec Road

Chestertown MD 21620

Regional Engineer Dave Redman

Phone: (410) 810-3286


District 3 (Montgomery, Prince George’s)

District Engineer: Andrea Futrell

9300 Kenilworth Avenue

Greenbelt MD  20770

Acting Regional Engineer: Kwesi Woodroffe

Phone: (301) 513-7347`


District 4 (Baltimore, Harford)

District Engineer: Wendy Wolcott

320 West Warren Road

Hunt Valley MD  21030

Regional Engineer: Rich Zeller

Phone: (410) 229-2332


District 5 (Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, St. Mary’s)

District Engineer: Corren Johnson

138 Defense Highway

Annapolis MD  21401

Regional Engineer: Erich Florence

Phone: (410) 841-1044


District 6 (Allegany, Garrett, Washington)

District Engineer: Anthony Crawford

1251 Vocke Road

La Vale MD  21502

Area Engineer: Mark McKenzie

Phone: (301) 729-8465


District 7 (Carroll, Frederick, Howard)

District Engineer: John Concannon

5111 Buckeystown Pike

Frederick MD  21704

Regional Engineer: Scott Newill

Phone: (301) 624-8151

  • Access Management Review Status Search page

    and Access Management Flow Charts describing the various review cycles.
  • Commercial/Industrial/Residential Subdivision Access Permit

    This type of permit covers:

    • Entrances for commercial or industrial site access (new or modified),
    • Public or private street connections for subdivision access (new or modified),
    • Off-site MDOT SHA improvements by developers, where mandated by the local jurisdiction in connection with development approval or required by MDOT SHA,
    • Local government (county or municipal) road improvement projects on State right-of-way, when related to conditions of land use/development approval or resulting in a new highway intersection,
    • Highway rehabilitation/streetscape improvements that involve work in the travel lanes of the State highway,
    • Temporary construction access for the above.

    The process to obtain a Commercial/Industrial/Subdivision Access Permit is closely tied to the local government’s planning and zoning/development review process. It is crucial that a developer begin the process of obtaining local development approval prior to submitting any requests to MDOT SHA Access Management. The local planning and zoning office will forward your submittals to MDOT SHA for our review. The following information will help you to submit the proper materials:

    Submittal review status
    MDOT State Highway Administration Access Manual "Updated August 2016"
    Process flow charts
    AM Regional Maps
    Access Permit Statewide - Communication/ Issue Resolution Matrix
    Documents and Links:

  • In April 2010 a Highway Access Permit Stakeholder Review Group convened to streamline the process for granting access permits that connect new developments to Maryland’s highways. The result of the group’s review are reflected in this process, which is applicable for residential and commercial access requests. Access Management representatives from your local MDOT SHA District Offices, are available to assist you in applying for the appropriate permit.

  • District level Access Permit

    Except when required in connection with an Commercial/Industrial/Residential Access Permit, the following projects and activities within the State right-of-way require a permit issued by the appropriate District office.

    • Construction or modification of residential driveways
    • Repair or replacement of entrances, curb and gutter, or pavement
    • Construction, repair, or replacement of sidewalk
    • Grading
    • Construction or modification of drainage connections
    • Utility work
    • Landscaping
    • Highway rehabilitation and/or streetscape improvements by local government (county or municipal)
    • Sign placement
    • Any other work on the State highway
    • Any other work within the State's right-of-way (highway right of way, easement areas, land holdings, etc.)
    • Pedestrian facilities and bus shelters

    Prospective applicants should coordinate with the District Office staff for further information on the process and requirements for obtaining their permits. It should be noted that all utility work must be coordinated with and permitted through the District office, independent of the Access Permit.