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Environmental Stewardship & Mitigation

Environmental Stewardship and Compensatory Mitigation are two key measures used by SHA to protect and improve the environment. While both use similar enhancement activities, there is a key difference: one is voluntary and one is required. Environmental Stewardship is a voluntary initiative that provides environmental protection or restoration beyond what the law requires. Compensatory Mitigation is required when a highway project will have unavoidable impacts to wetlands, streams, forests and other natural resources.
Our commitment at SHA is to go beyond the required and provide a healthy environment for generations to come. We integrate environmental protection into individual projects and into our long-term plans because we understand that the natural environment is more than individual living organisms; our environment is a collection of habitats and lifelines critical to sustaining ecosystems. 
Below is in-depth information about SHA’s major stewardship and mitigation programs.

Reforestation and Planting Programs

Invasive Plant Control

Wetlands & Waterways