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This internet page Is for the use of contractors And individuals who do business with Maryland State Highway Administration Or wish to do business with SHA And do Not have access to the SHA Intranet.If you Then are unsure In which subject area To find a specific document, please use the search tool located below. If you have a question about these forms And documents please Call the Office Of Construction Toll Free number at: 1-866-926-8503.

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NameTitleStatusStatus Date
07210.100.14 [.pdf - 716 KB]Inspector's Daily ReportRevised02/18/04
07210.100.37 [.pdf - 682 KB]Service Recovery Days - ConsultantsIssued11/18/14
07210.100.38 [.pdf - 734 KB]Materials Field Inspection Stamp 05-06-15Issued05/06/15
07210.100.40 [.pdf - 189 KB]Meal and Mieage Rates for Calendar Year 2019Issued01/07/19
07210.100.41 [.pdf - 143 KB]Update - Mobile Device Requirements for CMCI ContractsIssued09/27/19
07210.100.42 [.pdf - 123 KB]Revised Bid Opening Schedule CY 2012Issued10/15/19
07210.300.01 [.pdf - 603 KB]Request for Revision of Environmental Plans and Permits 2Revised05/06/15
07210.300.02 [.pdf - 268 KB]NPDES Construction ActivityIssued03/25/15
07210.300.02 [.pdf - 938 KB]NPDES Construction Activity Memo Issued03/25/15
07210.700.08 [.pdf - 972 KB]NPDES Construction ActivityRevised04/30/14
07210.900.01 [.pdf - 473 KB]OMT/ Area Materials EngineersRevised06/29/15
07210.900.02 [.pdf - 659 KB]Sampling Devices, Testing and Safety Equipment Special Provision Insert (SPI) 111Revised06/29/15