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Commercial Vehicle Operations

Md SHA Motor Carrier Division

7491 Connelley Drive
Hanover, Maryland 21076
Phone: 1-800-543-4564 


For AFTER HOUR EMERGENCY moves, contact our
State Operations Center at 410-582-5650

Dave Czorapinski, Chief- Dczorapinski@sha.state.md.us 

Josette Kaintuck, Hauling Permits Manager- Jkaintuck@sha.state.md.us

Tina Sanders, Technical Support Manager-tsanders@sha.state.md.us 443-618-7108

General Motor Carrier Questions: 1-800-543-4564   410-582-5734
Hauling Permit Questions- 1-800- 546-6435, 410-582-5723, 410-582-5727
Technical Support-410-582-5724, 410-582-5731

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Maryland One News

3/3/2019Compliance Outreach
Maryland Motor Carrier Division is offering FREE training to companies interested in regulatory compliance,  load securement, roadside inspection familiarization,  size, weight and permitting regulations.  Companies interested should email haulingpermits@sha.state.md.us  with contact information.

If you operate a truck, bus or other commercial vehicle, look at the following topics for permits, regulations, and guidance.


Hauling Permits

Includes route and holiday restrictions, bond forms, permit fees, permit and toll facilities, height/weight clearances and more

Maryland One

The one-stop shop for oversize/overweight hauling permits


Truckers' Map

With sections on oversized and overweight loads, federal bridge regulations, containerized cargo permits, locations within the Port of Baltimore, weigh & inspection stations, toll booths, approved & prohibited routes, and truck stops



Emergency Truck Parking Map

During snow and severe storms, find truck parking near you

Maps of Maryland

… many of them interactive and employing Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) data, include truckers’ maps, truck volume maps, and a highway location reference guide

Important information

Truck & Bus Safety

… explains federal safety programs, cites current safety statistics, and details truck parking regulations

USDOT Numbers

Find out how to obtain a U.S. Department of Transportation or Maryland Department of Transportation registration for your truck or bus


… is a thorough guide for commercial drivers and fleets that includes federal and State regulations

Truck Weigh & Inspection Stations

These are operated in 13 locations across the State

Commercial Vehicle Information Networks & Systems (CVISN)

CVISN is a nationwide system dedicated to safety and productivity

Additional Information

Brochures and Handbooks

includes guides to the Maryland Toll Lanes Network, work zone safety, and interacting safely with bicycles

Links to Area Transportation Agencies and Organizations

This resource page connects you with live weather, Maryland State Police, a trucking association and more