New Signs Display a Lower Speed Limit from 30 mph to 25 mph between Guilford Road/Guilford Drive and Berwyn Road

(College Park, MD – July 23, 2014) –  To enhance pedestrian safety along US 1 (Baltimore Avenue) in College Park, the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) yesterday installed  more than a dozen signs to officially lower the speed limit between Guilford Road/Guilford Drive and Berwyn Road from 30 mph to 25 mph. This safety enhancement is one of several engineering modifications already made and planned along the US 1 corridor in College Park.

The objective of the new speed limit is to slow drivers to make them more attentive to pedestrians walking along and crossing US 1.  Local and University Police officers will enforce the new speed limit. The College Park City Council recently approved expanded use of speed cameras to seven days a week/24 hours a day along US 1.

“These engineering enhancements are a step in the right direction and we’re counting on drivers and pedestrians to make good decisions and follow laws,” said SHA Administrator Melinda B. Peters.  “It is critical to look up, stay alert, use marked crosswalks and follow the pedestrian signal indications.  At the same time, we remind drivers to be alert along US 1 - to follow the posted speed limit and stop for pedestrians.”

Additional upcoming enhancements include:

• By the end of August, SHA will install a temporary fence along the median of US 1 between Knox and Hartwick roads to deter mid-block pedestrian crossings.

• By late October, SHA will install an overhead flashing pedestrian signal at the US 1 and Hartwick Road intersection. Similar to the signals along US 1 at Fraternity Row and Paint Branch Parkway, it will flash yellow to US 1 vehicular traffic and flash red to Hartwick Road traffic except when a pedestrian pushes the walk button; the signal will turn to solid red in all directions to stop traffic and allow pedestrians to safely cross the intersection.

The University of Maryland, University of Maryland Police Department, the City of College Park and SHA also announced an upcoming pedestrian safety education campaign: Walk Smart College Park that includes partnering with local restaurants and taverns. The primary goal is to educate University of Maryland students about the rules of the road and safe walking and crossing practices along off-campus public roads such as US 1.

Since spring, SHA significantly modified signage (for drivers and pedestrians), added pedestrian warning signs and no crossing signs, made “walk/don’t walk” indicators automatically flash to pedestrians, refreshed crosswalk markings and adjusted signal timing to offer more opportunities for pedestrians to cross.

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