Reforestation Law 5-103 Summary - Procedures

1d. Before cutting or clearing of any forest land, the constructing agency must submit a request for review to the appropriate Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Forest Service regional office while the highway project is in the initial design stage. Request must include:

  1. "Reforestation Site Review" form (DNR/RCS 399), (top half to be completed by construction agency prior to submitting)
  2. Site plan(s) illustrating project location, existing forest land locations/limits, proposed cutting area and acreage, and proposed reforestation/afforestation area (location and acreage).

2d. Within 20 working days of receipt of information, the Forest Service will review both the request form, plans and the site. A written evaluation will be returned to the constructing agency with observations and comments.

3d. The Forest Service will determine the extent of forest land cleared and the damage to residual forest upon completion of all construction. Excess clearing and residual tree damage will be assessed by Forest Service personnel and included in the total acreage for replacement.

4d. Reforestation/afforestation planting must be completed within one year (or two growing seasons) of the construction completion date. The planting will be reviewed twice by the Forest Service, which will determine if the planting is successful (i.e. minimum stocking levels met). If unacceptable, a reinforcement planting may be required to bring stocking to acceptable levels.