Bicyclists and Hikers

Bicyclists and hikers​ use paths alongside State highways and often share the road. The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) works to make their experiences joyful, safe, and easy.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Resources in Your Community

MDOT SHA partners with communities and groups in local bicycle and pedestrian networks around the State.

Biking Laws

This is a repository of Maryland laws related to bicycles and bicyclists.

Bicycle Clubs, Organizations, and Advocacy Groups

Maps, Pamphlets and Brochures for Bicyclists

Recreational Trail​s Program

The program underwrites community-based recreational trail projects for hikers, walkers, bicyclis​ts, horseback riders and more.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

Motorists, pedestrians, hikers and bicyclists need to observe safety measures on the State's roads.