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Waze and Maryland SHA partner up to make your commute easier

If you frequently commute or travel through Maryland whether it's to or from work or anywhere else, you know traffic can be an issue.

Now those unexpected delays or road closures, may be a little easier to avoid.

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Maryland State Highway Administration is ready for the winter season

SALISBURY, Md. – Winter is right around the corner and the Maryland State Highway Administration is prepared. Charlie Gischlar, a Spokesperson for MSHA said, “We are completely stocked up and ready to go.” Right now MSHA says they are armed with almost 2 million gallons of brine, nearly 3,000 employees and about 2,700 pieces of equipment...

Maryland drivers, please move over for emergency vehicles

by Greg Slater

Greg Slater is the Maryland state highway administrator.

Being the Maryland state highway administrator is a role that requires a lot of early mornings and late nights out on the road and in communities. As I am out there, one of the things that always makes me smile is seeing one of our dedicated employees on the road helping someone in need, or getting a call, email or letter from those who were helped.