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Where's Marty? Back at SHA for a Third Time! Check out our signal shop!

WJZ's Marty Bass takes an eye-opening look at how the state's traffic signals are programmed from SHA's Hanover complex.

Jan 10 2023

Where's Marty? Back at SHA! Taking a tour of where Maryland road signs are made

WJZ's Marty Bass, looking at his Top 5 "Where's Marty?" segments of 2022, revisits how highway signs are made at SHA's very special workshop.

Aug 23 2022

WJZ visits MDOT SHA Sign Shop

WJZ's Marty Bass, as part of his "Where's Marty?" segment, explored how MDOT SHA makes gigantic and reflective highway signs at a very special workshop.

WDVM: MDOT SHA Calls for Work Zone Safety

Transportation officials have launched a campaign reminding drivers to “drive like you work here.” Data from the Federal Highway Administration in 2020 said that work zone crashes increased by 1.4% as 117 workers died across the country.

FMT III Ronnie Wright

Baltimore Sun: Maryland transportation crews are using less salt, more brine on icy roads to protect waterways

Crews treating state highways and county roads are expected to scatter less rock salt and spray more brine solution to melt ice on roads before and during Friday’s snowfall, a measure aimed at reducing the amount of sodium chloride that runs off highways and contaminates soil and groundwater...[MDOT SHA], part of the Maryland Department of Transportation, has used brine in addition to rock salt for more than 10 years, said Sherry Christian, a highway administration spokeswoman.

WMAR2: MDOT SHA Tackles Trash in Anne Arundel County

The Department of Transportation State Highway Administration and Anne Arundel County is encouraging people to pick up their trash. They kicked off a litter pick-up campaign Tuesday to encourage others to do the same. They said if people pick up after themselves, and pick up trash they see in their areas, it could save the county a lot of money.

NBC4: Historic Harriet Tubman Sites at Risk of Rising Seas on Eastern Shore

This area “was never very dry, but it has never been as wet as it has today,” said Julie Schablitsky, the chief archaeologist for MDOT’s State Highway Administration. “Because of that, we're in a bit of a race against time to try and rescue these sites.”

Harriet Tubman mural

Baltimore Sun: Archaeologists discover 300-year-old slave quarters on a Jesuit plantation in Southern Maryland

Archaeologists from the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration have discovered a 300-year-old slave quarters on a Jesuit plantation in St. Mary’s County. The remains, which might date back to around 1700, were found buried in farm fields at Newtowne Neck State Park in Southern Maryland right by an 18th century brick manor once occupied by Jesuit missionaries.

Archaeological dig uncovers artifacts from slave quarters