Safety Engineering Resources

These safety engineering resources describe various measures that we, at the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA), take to protect pedestrians, motorists, and highway workers. MDOT SHA enforces speed limits, uses automated enforcement, and oversees bridge safety. We employ work zone traffic analysis software and a sophisticated traffic monitoring system.

Speed Limits

Maryland speed limits are set by traffic safety engineers who analyze crash statistics, as well as other data. We explore how speed limits are set and some of the specific traffic conditions that influence speed limit overall.

Automated Enforcement

Automated speed enforcement helps catch motorists who speed and run traffic lights. It's also an effective deterrent, discouraging these behaviors, which cause far too many crashes in Maryland each year.

Maryland Bridge Safety

See the height, weight and underclearance restrictions, county by county. This page also offers tracking of MDOT SHA’s progress addressing structurally deficient bridges.

MD-QuickZone: Work Zone Traffic Analysis Software

MD-Quickzone is a modified version of Quickzone, a work zone traffic analysis program. This software predicts the impact of work zones on overall traffic to aid in the design of a safe, traffic control plan. In addition to basic information about the program, we include a copy of the license agreement and a link to download the software.

Traffic Monitoring System

The Maryland Traffic Monitoring System team collects and analyzes highway traffic data. It distributes the data in traffic reports, volume maps, and other publications. This page links to several of these, such as Maryland traffic trends, traffic volume maps, and truck volume maps.