Temporary Traffic Control Training Programs

Basic Temporary Traffic Control (BTTC) Training

This is a self-guided course that can be downloaded and used by companies/agencies to train their staff. It is an introductory course on the design and layout of TTC devices and work zone typical applications.

Flagger Training

  • ATSSA’s Flagger Training Course
  • Conducted by Approved ATSSA Flagger Instructors (see below)
  • ATSSA training received in other states is valid for work on SHA roadways
    • ​MD specific ATSSA training should be obtained

Flagger Instructor Training

  • ATSSA's Flagger Instructor Training (FIT) Course
  • FIT Course Prerequisites
    • SHA's TM Training Course
    • ATSSA's Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS) Course
  • Course Fee may apply. Check each program's page

Flagger/Flagger Instructor Training

  • Contact Information:
  • More Information:
    • Approved flagger instructors, flaggers, and upcoming courses can be found at ATSSA Flagger Certification Training
    • Flagger/Flagger Instructor training is valid for four (4) years from the date of successful completion of course

Traffic Manager's (TMA) Training

  • Course Overview:
    • Only through the Maryland Transportation Builder's and Materials Assocation (MTBMA)
    • Provides Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) training for work zones
    • Designed for field supervisors and crew leaders
  • Course Curriculum:
    • Fundamentals of Temporary Traffic Control (TTC)
    • SHA’s TTC Standards and Specifications
    • SHA’s TTC Typical Applications
    • Downloadable course material for your own pace of study
    • Test at end of the course
  • Course fee may apply:Check MTBMA program's page
    • Results/Successful Completion (to obtain a certificate)
      • Successful completion requires a 70% score
      • Traffic Manager's Training valid for four (4) years from date of successful course completion

    • Contact Information:

    Work Zone Law Enforcement Training