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For AFTER HOUR EMERGENCY moves, contact our State Operations Center at 410-582-5650 or

Dave Czorapinski, Chief-
Josette Kaintuck, Hauling Permits Manager-
Tina Sanders, Technical Support Manager-  443-618-7108​

General Motor Carrier Questions: 1-800-543-456 or 410-582-5734
Hauling Permit Questions- 1-800- 546-6435, 410-582-5723 or 410-582-5727
Technical Support: 410-582-5724 or 410-582-5731

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Alcohol Permits

​Any questions or Information needed regarding Alcohol Permits please contact  Louis Berman at​  

Notice to Commercial Vehicle Motor Carriers

Greetings from Maryland DOT, Motor Carrier Division, We hope everyone is in good health and staying safe.  During this time we want to ensure that your transportation needs are being met in relation to Motor Carrier Services.  As our office personnel are remotely working, please email any questions or issues that you may be experiencing that we may be able to assist with to  or  we are here to assist in any way we can.  I know with all the emergency declarations you may have questions or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Visit our website at   for any updates  ** Note the emergency permit is for DIVISIBLE LOADS ONLY.. not for everyday permitting, please continue to use the Single trip Special hauling for routine loads.  Also please consider making payments online to expedite credit to your account.  MD Emergency declaration ( please be sure to scroll down all the way down for the bridge exemption list)

We appreciate your patience during this time.

Inspections- Exceptional Hauling Permit

Notice:  Provisions of the Maryland Transportation Article, Title 24-113.2, requiring a level 1 or level 5 North American Standard vehicle inspection as a condition to either obtain a new or retain an existing Exceptional Hauling Permit for weight shall be waived for the remainder of the Governor's Executive Order regarding COVID-19 relief efforts plus 30 days.  Nothing in this notice shall relieve the permittee of their obligation for safe operation and equipment or required vehicle maintenance.

Police Escort Information

POLICE ESCORTS-Per authority granted by the COVID-19 Executive Order on motor carrier transportation:

Effective immediately the weight requirement for a law enforcement escort will be for loads exceeding 200K pounds.  Width 16 feet, height 16 feet, length 140 feet will remain in place for now.

BALTIMORE CITY - also exceeding 200k pounds, HEIGHT-leaving the PORT of Baltimore will remain at => 15’H and coming into the PORT with 14’-6” in height will remain in effect for Police escorts required from Baltimore City .

This is to compensate for an anticipated reduced availability of personnel to accompany these loads.  Private escort requirements will remain the same and be reevaluated as necessary.  Loads requiring special maneuvering or otherwise determined by the hauling permit unit that law enforcement is necessary for safety will likewise remain in effect.

MD Executive Order-Vehicle Weight Limit Tolerance- COVID -19

M​aryland Executive Order- COVID-19 Vehicle Weight Limit Tolerance

Combined- Exec Order+bridge Excl-tmsupd.pdf

NOTICE Executive Order - COVID-19 RELIEF- Vehicle Weight Limit Tolerance Maryland is providing an across the board 15% tolerance to any statutory weight limit for loads of relief supplies and equipment.  Divisible load haulers who anticipate exceeding the 15% tolerance must obtain an Emergency Permit through our Maryland One hauling permit system for safety and route analysis.  These measures are applicable statewide on all roadways.   Contact with local authorities regarding restricted roadways under their jurisdiction is likewise required.  Haulers of non-divisible loads shall continue to obtain standard hauling permits as normally required. Any questions or if assistance is needed please email us at

Office Staffing

​Over the next several weeks our office will experience a reduction of in-house staff.  Please make use of email as your primary method of contact with our office to assist in appropriately directing your inquiries in an expedited manner.  Contact should be directed to and  We also ask that payments for permits be made online vs mailing in checks to expedite crediting your account.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. 

MDTA Bay Bridge Update for Commercial Vehicles

November 5, 2019, weather permitting, two lanes closure will be in effect at westbound Bay Bridge (US 50/US 301) between 11 AM and 1:30 PM. During this time, no trucks 10 ft or more in width are allowed to cross the Westbound Bay Bridge. Additional weekday double lane closure between 10 AM and 2 PM Monday to Friday will be implemented after November 5, 2019 as permitting by weather and traffic. Please contract MDTA for up-to-date information and questions. Wide-loads operators can sign up for email/text alerts at

West Bound Bay Bridge NEW Permit Escort Waiting Area

Westbound Bay Bridge - New Permit Load Escort Waiting Area
Effective immediately,  the westbound Bay Bridge (US 50) permit load escort waiting area is relocated (permanently) to the right shoulder just west Exit 39A. Please follow the signing along westbound US 50. click here

Compliance Outreach

Maryland Motor Carrier Division is offering FREE training to companies interested in regulatory compliance,  load securement, roadside inspection familiarization,  size, weight and permitting regulations.  Companies interested should email  with contact information.

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