Permits & Utilities

Permits are necessary to access State highways, stage special events, and haul cargo. Utilities are integrated into the State highway system; learn what permits you need to do construction that touches utilities. 

Access Management/Permits

Access Management is a set of techniques that the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) uses to control access to State highways.

Hauling Permits

Look here for State regulations, restrictions during holidays, the Motor Carrier Handbook and additional information.

Maryland One

This is the one-stop shop for hauling permits.

Special Events Permits

These permits are required to ensure safe and enjoyable parades, races, filming, and festivals.

The Utility Center

This points you to the notification center at Miss Utility, information about resource sharing, and an application to obtain a utility permit. It contains manuals and guidelines for working with electricity, telecommunications, gas, water and sewer lines on Maryland highways.

Maryland OneStop

The central hub for Maryland State permits, licenses, forms, certificate, applications, and registrations.