Utility Center

Here you will find the notification center at Miss Utility, information about resource sharing, and an application to obtain a utility permit. The Utility Center explains how to work with electricity, telecommunications, gas, water and sewer lines on Maryland highways.

  • Miss Utility is a one-call notification center that notifies subscribing underground facility owner-members about proposed excavation.
  • Resource Sharing Turn here for MDOT SHA’s approach to partnering on telecommunications ​
  • Utility Permits Access a permit application and detailed instructions
  • District Office (DO) Permit Access a District Office Permit Application and a detailed Manual​ 

Use the documents below to accommodate, construct, adjust, relocate, and maintain utilities within MDOT SHA’s rights of way.

Utility Guidance Documents & Information

​ ​
Utility Policy cover page MDOT SHA Utility​ Manual (PDF, 6.33mb) A comprehensive guide to utility accommodation and utility construction.
Project Coordination manual cover Chapter 8 - Project Coordination
MDOT SHA Utility Procedures Manual cover image MDOT SHA Utility Procedures Manual (PDF, 678 kb) Detailing the processes for utility coordination, construction, billing, and third-party work.
Utility Coordination Overview Flowchart image Utility Coord​ination Overview Flowchart (PDF, 190kb)
Utility Coordination Process Flowchart imageDetailed Utility Coord​ination Process Flowchart Visio (PDF, 190kb)
FHWA Program Guide cover image FHWA Program Guide (FAPG): Utility Relocation and Accommodation On Federal-Aid Projects (PDF, 147 kb) A guide developed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for those administering federal-aid highway programs that use federal funds for the relocation and adjustment of utility facilities, as well as the accommodation of utility facilities and private lines on federal-aid highway rights of way.
​​ Thinking Beyond the Pavement Principles cover image Design Guidelines - Utility Coordination Using Thinking Beyond the Pavement Principles (PDF, 8.74 MB) Guidelines for utility engineers, project design engineers and consultants when designing streetscapes and urban revitalization.
MDOT SHA Landscape Design Guide cover image MDOT SHA Landscape Design Guide (PDF, 1.55 MB) Policies and design principles for landscape construction, including standards for landscape plans, mitigation design, and offset distances.
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