Manuals, Standards and Publications

Context Driven Guide for Access and MobilityIf you are doing construction for the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA), consult the links below for numerous details you'll need for designing, building, and pricing. The topics include standards, design-build, bridges, sediment control, stormwater, materials, access & mobility, and more.


  • Laboratory and Field Procedures (MSMT)

    • Use the Maryland Standard Method of Test procedures as a supplement to the Standard Specifications for Construction and Materials and the Book of Standards for Highway and Incidental Structures.

  • Standard Specifications for Subsurface Explorations

    • This work explores subsurface conditions at various locations throughout the state and provides drilling equipment, certified drillers, and driller helpers.


  • Design-Build Manual (PDF, 1.8MB)

    • This manual provides MDOT SHA with comprehensive guidelines for managing, producing, and administering design-build projects. It provides policies and procedures for contract document development and assembly, project management and execution.

  • Highway Drainage Manual

    • This manual provides the design criteria for highway drainage.

  • Maryland State Highway Administration Construction Manual (PDF, 813kb)

    • This 2002 edition contains the most current standard specifications, construction practices, techniques, and record keeping.
  • Stormwater Management Facility Routine Maintenance Manuals

    • These custom stormwater manuals guide MDOT SHA districts managing the volume, flow rate, and quality of stormwater runoff before that water enters natural waterways or groundwater.

Pedestrian and Bicycle

Bicycle Policy and Design Guidelines (PDF, 7.35 MB)

  • The document guides transportation planners and engineers about accommodations that improve bicycling in Maryland.

Bridges and Major Structures

Aggregate and Sediment Control

Landscaping and Environment

Traffic Control



Products and Prices

Material Quality


Additional Standards, Specifications, and Publications