Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Standards

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) CAD Standards Workspace is designed for use with all versions of MicroStation V8i. If you encounter issues with any of our custom tools, help fix them by contacting us at with a description of the error.

MDOT SHA is pleased to announce the release of MDOT SHA Workspace 2.0!

This workspace is a complete redesign and reorganization of the workspace, with new folder structures and implementation strategies. The Workspace 2.0 zip file contains two complete CAD Standards and must be installed to replace any current MDOT SHA Workspace files and folders. Workspace 2.0 contains a complete copy of the current CAD Standard (SHA_V8_01) and the new CAD Standards (SHA_V8_02).

Key changes are summarized below

  • There are no V7 Workmode files or folders in Workspace 2.0.
  • The MDSHA_Common folder has been renamed to SHA_Common. It is now used to store workspace files that are common to the two V8 CAD Standards.
  • The MDSHA_V8_01 folder has been renamed to SHA_V8_01. It stores all files that are unique to the previous MDOT SHA V8 workspace standard. This standard is compatible with all ongoing projects at MDOT SHA that use the previous workspace.
  • A new SHA_V8_02 folder was added to store all files needed to run the new 2.0 standard. This standard was developed as part of ongoing developments to implement the software Open Roads.
  • The selection of workspace standards was changed from UCF (User) based to PCF (Project) based.
  • The SHA_V8_02 standard uses a National CAD Standards (NCS) compliant level naming convention. The SHA_V8_01 standard continues to use the original SHA V8 standard level naming system.
  • The SHA_V8_02 standard implements Annotation Scale for Linestyles, Element Templates and ByLevel Symbologies. For this reason, you should not use reference files from one standard in the other standard.
  • Both workspace standards only support the InRoads Civil platform. To use InRoads V8i (SELECTseries4), you must use the SHA_V8_02 standard. While the SHA_V8_01 standard is intended for use with InRoads V8i (SELECTseries2), you can use SS2 with the SHA_V8_02 standard.
  • Non-InRoads users must select the proper standard according to the current project. The selection of an InRoads platform determines which workspace standard to use.


Zip File

The zip file below contains a complete workspace. We recommend that you retain the current workspace and that you follow the instructions in the included readme.pdf (you can download it from the link below) for the recommended setup procedure for this workspace. This workspace must be installed in a separate folder structure from the current workspace. No files from the current workspace can be mixed with files in the new workspace under any circumstances. Report any issues to

Document containing detailed instructions on setting up this workspace, FAQs, and troubleshooting tips. A copy is included in the zip file above. This document supersedes the Installation guide found in the MDOT SHA CAD Standards Documentation zip file (below).

  • New (3/03/2020) (ZIP, 13 MB)

    See WorkspaceChangeLog.xlsx in the ...\Workspace\Documentation folder for a list of files and brief explanations of changes/additions. Unzip to the parent folder of your current Workspace folder. The topmost folder in the zip file is Workspace. The files and folder contained herein will update or add file to the existing workspace.

Other Customizations

The MDOT SHA Office of Highway Development (OHD) Plats and Surveys Division (PSD) has customizations (MicroStation) for use in developing their standard deliverables.


  • MDOT SHA CAD Standards Documentation (ZIP, 1.98 MB)

    • MicroStation V8 CAD Standards Manual (6/14/2004) (PDF, 1.16 MB)
    • MicroStation V8 CAD Standards Training Guide (6/14/2004) (PDF, 975 KB)

Note: The PDF listed below remains available at this link but is now obsolete with the release of Workspace 2.0. The New ReadMe.pdf supplied with Workspace 2.0 or via the above link supersedes it.

This manual guides engineers and designers as MDOT SHA transitions from traditional 2D document centric processes to a 3D engineered model-centric approach.

Software Requirements