The Maryland Roadside Tree Law - Fees

.06 Fees

A. Fees for roadside tree care permits are calculated according to the following schedule:

(1) If Forest Service supervision of the proposed tree care is required for a permit under Regulation .04A(2), the fee for that supervision, including permit examination, is:

(a) $2,500 per year per tree care crew, or
(b) $250 per month per tree care crew.

(2) The fee for the on-site examination before the issuance of a tree care permit under Regulation .04A(l) is $25;
(3) No fee is required for a tree care permit issued to an applicant that is a government agency.

B. If a permit request is denied, a fee is not required.
C. Billing for tree care crews is made either annually or quarterly, at the option of the tree care crew.