Office of Equal Opportunity - Business Development Reimbursement Program

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 26.35 requires that recipients of federal funds provide a supportive service to Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms. The Maryland Department of Transportation, State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) complies with this requirement by facilitating the Business Development Reimbursement Program (BDRP).  

BDRP contributes to the growth and sustainability of DBE firms that are certified to perform work on heavy transportation contracts by reimbursing DBEs for products and services that contribute to their growth, self-sufficiency and overall business practices. The intention is that participation in BDRP assists DBE firms in becoming or maintaining eligibility to compete in the heavy transportation marketplace. 

MDOT SHA facilitates BDRP in-house. This enables MDOT SHA to expend all of the designated funds directly on the DBEs instead of procuring the service of an outside facilitator. 


Only DBE firms headquartered in the State of Maryland qualify to participate in the MDOT SHA BDRP. DBE firms that provide services that may be utilized in heavy transportation related services are encouraged to participate in the MDOT SHA BDRP.   The services provided by the DBE participants must be items that may be included in transportation-related projects/contracts and the DBE firm must have the required North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code relative to the work certification from MDOT. Services eligible for reimbursement are usually classes, trainings, webinars, software licenses, financial audits/reviews, membership fees (professional organizations related to the DBEs core business function), website design and logo design.    

Most electronics (desktop computers, laptops, printers, tablets, cell phones, televisions, etc.) and accessories are not eligible for BDRP reimbursement.  Sales taxes, state taxes and federal taxes are not eligible for reimbursement in the BDRP.

NOTE:  All references to DBE firms directly refer to MDOT Certified DBE firms.

Steps 1-3

  1. DBE applicants must submit the BDRP Participation Application and a current copy of their W9 when completing the online application.

    Please make sure that your address is current; otherwise delays will occur when issuing reimbursements. You will be notified when BDRP Step 1 is approved by the MDOT SHA OEO DBE Program Manager.​

    • Reimbursement will not be approved for services, products, classes, training, etc. obtained and purchased prior to an Approved BDRP Request to Purchase for Reimbursement (Step 2).

  2. After you have been notified of approval of Step 1 by the MDOT SHA OEO DBE Program Manager,  you must submit a BDRP Request to Purchase for Reimbursement (Step 2).  The Step 2 must include the completed BDRP Step 2 and documentation provided by the vendor providing services, training, etc. that shows the cost that the BDRP Participant is requesting in the BDRP Step 2.  The Step 2 approval must be received prior to making purchases/registration for classes, training, etc.

    Step 2 approval must be received prior to making purchases/registration for classes, training, etc.

  3. You will be notified if BDRP Step 2 is approved or denied.  If approved, you will be provided a blank BDRP Payment Request Form (Step 3) and a blank BDRP Invoice that YOU MUST USE WHEN SUBMITTING the BDRP Step 3.  The Due date will be included on your approved BDRP Step 2 Approval Letter and your BDRP Invoice.  If the BDRP Request to Purchase for Reimbursement is for a class, training, webinar, etc., you will have 2 weeks after completion of class, training, webinar, etc. to submit proof of payment for class and verification of successful completion with the BDRP Step 3.

    BDRP Step 3 must be submitted by the due date shown on the BDRP Invoice. 
    BDRP Step 3 must include receipts equivalent to the total cost of the purchase.  You must pay the entire cost of your purchase to receive reimbursement, even if the total cost exceeds the allotted amount.  For example, if the cost of your requested purchase for BDRP Reimbursement is $6,000.00 and the allotted amount that may be approved for BDRP reimbursement is $5,000.00, you must pay and show documentation that the full amount of $6,000.00 has been paid, prior to approval of the allotted amount of $5,000.00.  Any amount that exceeds the approved allotted amount is your responsibility and will not be reimbursed. BDRP Step 3s received after due dates may not be processed for payments. 

BDRP Guidelines

Step 1 Application