Office of Maintenance (OOM)

7491 Connelley Drive
Hanover, MD 21076
410-582-5500 (General Phone)
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The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) Office of Maintenance (OOM) provides general supervision, support, budget preparation, and administration for the following divisions:

Office of the Director

The director of maintenance is the principal advisor to the State Highway Administrator and Deputy Administrator, Operations in Hanover concerning highway maintenance, equipment needs, facilities management, management budget control, emergency response, inventory reduction, and manpower and resource allocation.

This office also functions as the Emergency Operations Center, coordinating field operations with the needs of the State Highway System. During emergencies, this coordination extends to other State agencies such as the Maryland State Police (MSP), the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), and the Department of the Environment (DOE).

Michael V. Michalski
410-582-5505 (phone)
410-582-9868 (fax)

Gregory Keenan
Deputy Director, Facilities Management
410-582-5585 (phone)
410-582-9862 (fax)

Sandi Sauter
Deputy Director, Operations
410-582-5535 (phone)
410-582-9862 (fax)

Facility Asset Management

This division specializes in the following:

  • asset management maintenance, including:
    • Commissioning technical work and contracts.
    • Performing maintenance project management.
    • Setting maintenance budgets.
    • Planning and prioritizing capital projects and overhaul/renewal projects (retro commissioning, roof coatings, lift refurbishment, engine/generator overhauls).
  • Master planning and managing databases (Maximo, DGS Energy Cap, Empower MD, ARCGis, Control systems live and historic data).
  • Performing database analytics regarding facility asset conditions.

This division supports other offices that perform roof inspections, HVAC projects, and indoor air quality work on MDOT SHA property by managing and overseeing statewide architecture and engineering (A/E) contracts.

Lisa Metzer, Division Chief

Facility Operations (FOD)

There are three sections in this division:

  • Procurement/facilities maintenance contracts.
  • Hanover Complex.
  • Headquarters.

Hanover and Headquarters staff handle maintenance requests. The procurement section manages contracts for the other two divisions and FOD-specific contracts regarding purchases for MDOT SHA facilities. Together, the two sections support MDOT SHA by performing necessary day-to-day maintenance on facilities, while the procurement section makes this possible by purchasing assets needed to perform maintenance.

Chris Gallo, Division Chief

Facility Quality Control

This division is responsible for condition assessments of facilities statewide. It is led by a regional facility manager in each district. Condition assessments include review and rating of all facility assets, on-site troubleshooting, facility scope and estimate development, contract development, and preventative maintenance projects.
This division supports district facilities such as maintenance shops by assessing facility conditions to keep these facilities operational.

Luis Santiago, Division Chief

Highway Maintenance Division

The Highway Maintenance Division supports highway maintenance throughout the State. The division includes three groups, Maintenance Contracts, Maintenance Training and Certification, and Maintenance Operations.

Josh Stonesifer, Division Chief

Toll Free for Maryland Only 1-877-624-6863
410-582-9862 (FAX)

Maintenance Contracts is responsible for scheduling, developing, processing, reviewing and advertising plans. It also handles special provisions and estimates for various maintenance related contracts, such as Highway Maintenance, and Facilities Construction/Maintenance. Additionally, the group manages, advertises, develops and oversees Statewide commodity procurement.

Janice Harris, Assistant Division Chief

Maintenance Training and Certification is responsible for training and certification programs that improve knowledge, skills, and abilities of highway maintenance personnel Statewide. This group provides the following:

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Entry-Level Driver Traiing.
  • Heavy equipment and technical training and certification.
  • Winter operations training (Snow College).
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) A and B training.
  • Driver Improvement Program (DIP).
  • Driver Corrective Action Program.

Carol Diserio, Assistant Division Chief

Maintenance Operations is responsible for the Maintenance operating budget, Maintenance quality assurance, the Maryland Condition Assessment Reporting System (MCARS) Program, Litter Control Programs, and MDOT SHA Clothing Program.

In addition, this group supports district maintenance, the 28 maintenance facilities and maintenance operations at other MDOT SHA offices.

The group does the following:

  • Develops performance measures.
  • Performs budget and resource needs analysis.
  • Conducts special studies for maintenance operations and business practices.
  • Manages quality assurance for the highway maintenance program.
  • Investigates new materials, technologies, and techniques for routine and winter operations.
  • Represents the department at AASHTO committees and sub-committees.
  • Initiates national and statewide surveys for routine and winter maintenance.
  • Represents OOM and supports MDOT SHA’s asset management program.

Vacant, Assistant Division Chief

Fleet Management Division

The Fleet Management Division researches, analyzes, manages and procures all vehicles and equipment utilized by MDOT SHA. Duties include oversight of design standards, purchasing, management of vehicle and equipment assets, maintenance of fleet electronic management system, administration of required Statewide vehicle and equipment programs,and fleet-related contract writing.

The division coordinates with MDOT SHA offices and districts on fleet-related matters to ensure that offices have the most effective vehicles and equipment that meet their needs. Additionally, the division performs research and provides guidance for special projects that may require unique solutions.

The Hanover Auto Facility works as part of the Fleet Management Division; it maintains and repairs MDOT SHA vehicles and equipment that are not assigned to maintenance shops or district offices. Also, the facility undertakes statewide projects when large portions, or potentially the entire fleet, is affected. The team supports local maintenance shops during weather events, and hauls equipment and distributes material when needed.

Tim Lawler, Division Chief

Michael Antlitz, Assistant Division Chief