Office of the Attorney General

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is under the supervision of a principal counsel/assistant attorney general assigned to the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA). Several assistant attorneys general serve, as well. Its main office is in the MDOT SHA Baltimore headquarters.

The office renders counsel to MDOT SHA, the administrator and other members of the State Roads Commission. This includes legal advice and opinions, both oral and written, on the validity and application of State and local laws. These opinions cover issues such as:

  • eminent domain and other land and title matters
  • tort law
  • environmental matters
  • procurement issues and
  • other legal problems that arise in an active governmental agency dealing with the general public

This office handles legal work necessitated by right-of-way acquisitions.

The legal staff also represents MDOT SHA and its employees in suits and causes of action brought against the administration and employees acting in their official capacity.

This office approves all administration contracts for road and bridge construction and all agreements to which MDOT SHA is a party.

In addition, representatives of the Office of the Attorney General attend meetings and conferences of MDOT SHA, furnishing legal advice when necessary.