File Viewers and Plug-ins

The document collection of the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) consists of different file types. If your browser cannot open a file, download and install one of the following plug-in applications or viewer software.

Following is a list by file type used on the MDOT SHA website. This list includes viewers that are accessible and comply with federal Section 508 technical standards. MDOT SHA cannot provide accessible viewer links if manufacturers don"t provide them.

To obtain a viewer, follow the online instructions below.

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

Adobe PDF files are in a compressed file format that preserves original text, graphics, and format attributes for viewing and printing. Download a PDF plug-in

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a document and text editor that uses the file extension .doc or .docx. To view a Word document, obtain MS Word software or a document editor that reads and converts Word documents.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide presentation application that uses the file extension .ppt or .pptx. To view a PowerPoint presentation, obtain PowerPoint software or slide presentation software that reads PowerPoint.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software application that uses the file extension .xls or .xlsx. To view an Excel spreadsheet, obtain Microsoft Excel or a spreadsheet application that reads an Excel document.


These file types are graphical formats supported by most graphical web browsers. In most instances, no additional software or configuration is required.

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)

ASCII files are created using standard binary character combinations. The files are commonly called text files. The text file viewer in your web browser loads ASCII files, and no special configuration is required.


This page does not constitute or imply endorsement, recommendation, or favor of any specific manufacturer, commercial product, services of trade name, or trademark. MDOT SHA is not responsible for any of the listed software application tools. Pages and links may change without our knowledge.