Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE)

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) promotes a three-pronged approach to managing speed-related safety problems: egineering, education and enforcement.

Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) systems manage speed and reduce speed-related crashes. Through an ASE program involving public education and visible enforcement, MDOT SHA seeks to change behavior and urge drivers to do what they already should be doing: drive responsibly, stay alert, and obey the speed limit.

Chapter 500, Acts of the 2009 Maryland General Assembly, authorized automated speed enforcement in both highway work zones (§ 21-810, Transportation Art., Md. Code Ann.) and school zones (§ 21-809, Transportation Art., Md. Code Ann.)

Work Zones

MDOT SHA, the Maryland Transportation Authority, and the Maryland State Police administer the Maryland SafeZones program, which operates automated speed enforcement in highway work zones with a posted speed limit of 45 mph of higher. Additional ​information about the Maryland SafeZones program can be found on the SafeZones program website.


School Zones

Counties and municipalities operate their own school zone speed enforcement programs. MDOT SHA involvement in the local school zone programs is limited to the establishment of designated “school zones” along state highways and review of utility permit applications for placing ASE equipment on them to ensure the safety of pedestrians and drivers.