Projects & Studies Successful highway projects leave a small environmental impact, consider nearby communities, provide for hikers and bicyclists, respect cultural highlights, and protect the Chesapeake Bay.

Cleaner, Greener ​Practices & Initiatives

Innovation is key to lessening highway impact on the environment. At every stage of our work - from design to maintenance – the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) strives to employ green technology. It lets us decrease our impact on the environment, conserve resources and reduce costs.

Community Improvement

The roads that link communities also shape communities. Roads play a vital part in creating a positive experience for residents, businesses and visitors throughout Maryland. That's why a key part of our mission is to improve the communities we touch.

Cultural Resources Protection

MDOT SHA avoids, minimizes, and mitigates damage to resources in consultation with the Maryland Historical Trust. We balance preserving our heritage with maintaining our transportation system. 

Protecting & Enhancing the Environment

The decisions we make impact our environment - today and for generations to come. From the mountains in the western part of the State to the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland encompasses diverse ecosystems. MDOT SHA is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment. Through the principles of mitiga​tion and stewardship, we look at how highway projects will affect the environment today and in 100 years.